Saturday, July 5, 2014

Single Strap or Double?

Maybe this is a silly thing to post about, but I do get a lot of questions about straps.  I make an XL hanging wet bag that is great for a diaper pail.  If you have a limited amount of space you can hang it on a hook on the wall, or a door knob and it is somewhat out of the way.  These wet bags are also great for college students or apartment dwellers.  They hang out of the way, you can fill them with your dirty laundry and when you have to go to the washing machine, just grab the handles and all your dirty clothes are contained in the smell-

proof waterproof bag.  After washing everything you can fold and re pack in the clean bag to cart it back to dorm room or apartment.  Much easier than a bulky laundry basket, and much prettier. 

Extra Large bag with double hanging straps, great for hooks or door knobs. 
I do however get a lot of questions about which strap to use, as I also make this bag with a single strap.  The single strap is nice if you do plan on keeping the bag on a door knob, as it makes the bag hang more sideways and gives a little easier access to the opening when door knobbing it.  I always put a double snap closure on the strap, so that it will be a little stronger.  18-20 wet diapers can get rather heavy.  Honestly if you are going to carry the bag around much, I think I would prefer the double strap because it is much more ergonomic, will hold more weight easily and distributes the weight between the two straps instead of it being all on one.  If the bag hangs right in your laundry area or nursery and you don’t really have to move it much, then the single strap might be more convenient, as it gives you more access to the opening of the bag without the straps getting in the way.

Small single strap bags have one snap and the larger ones have two snaps for extra strength.  All my bag straps are triple stitched and more at strap areas.

Either strap you choose is made out of heavy duty nylon webbing that I triple stitch on, there is nothing more annoying that buying something and having it fall apart, so I make sure they are on there and not going anywhere!  So basically it is a matter of choice and how you will be using the bag.  I use a double strap bag in my laundry room and I just flip the outside strap down out of the way when I need to unzip it.  I really like the look of it hanging there holding those dirty diapers all zipped up and pretty on a hook. 

So whatever you choose, enjoy the pretty way to keep your dirty diapers or laundry!