Sunday, February 26, 2012

Diaper Swapping in the City Square...

Yesterday Becky from Mombecks and I hosted our first diaper swap.  We had it at The Refuge a non profit drug and alcohol free youth center in Overland Park, KS.  The Refuge is a cool place for Jr High and High School kids to hang out, play video games, karaoke, and hear local bands play.  Jim and Marietta Hartley, who run The Refuge, are dedicated to helping kids achieve their destiny instead of being robbed of it.  They work to encourage kids to become "Champions of Life".  They are amazing and our good friends and we help them at The Refuge on a regular basis. They were gracious enough to let us invade their "City Square Room" for the morning with all our diapers and wet bags and babies and carriers and shopping and selling moms.  

Some of the shoppers and sellers
We had about a dozen sellers, and it was really fun to put faces to names that we have talked to on the Kansas City Cloth Community Face Book page.  Also it was great to meet a few other WAHMS even though I am really more of a WAHGM (Work at Home Grand Mom)! I finally got to meet Beate from Metro Cloth Diapers,  I met a fellow Etsy seller~ Tabitha from Konstant Krafter and also Shera from Dulce Wrappers.  
Here is Shera next to her table and wearing her adorable daughter in one of  her Dulce Wrappers
Letting people know about the Great Cloth Diaper Change that is coming up in April on the 21st was definitely on our agenda.  We are looking forward to hosting the Great Cloth Diaper Change at The Refuge.  We are now pre registering participants and taking applications for vendors and sponsors.  We are working towards the possibility of partnering with some of the local WAHMs we have met and some other local businesses to host the GCDC.  Please go and check out our information page, facebook page, and register for the event!

We are collecting some amazing raffle prizes for a drawing after the actual diaper change.  Extra tickets will be sold ($1) the day of the event to raise money for charity.  I will be listing all the prizes soon on the information page.  They will  include diapering supplies as well as prizes from our local businesses, you will want to win!  We are planning on hosting another swap the day of the GCDC.  The vendor tables, raffle and swap will all happen right after the actual diaper change event.  Check the information page for exact times, and directions, etc.  Stay tuned.....more to come.

And last but not least here is Becky by her table~notice I left out the picture of myself!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project 52 Red February Pictures

Here are my project 52 pictures for February.  I decided I didn't have time to post a picture a week, so I am doing project 12 :) and posting one a month, the February assignment is of course RED.  Not too much red to be found in the middle of winter, I went looking for a nice plump pretty cardinal, but alas I could not find one. Here is what I came up with...Enjoy.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Adventure With Japanese Designer Fabrics ~

This year I have started selling a line of Japanese linen and cotton blend designer fabric wet bags.

I love how this all came about... I took my friend Anny shopping one day at Sarah's ~ my favorite local fabric store.  They have the most amazing fabric selection that I have ever seen.  It is sometimes hard to shop there, as their selection is so vast and there are so many choices.  I have always admired the Japanese Echino fabrics by Etsuko Furuya from afar, but had never purchased any mainly because it's expensive.  Well in the whole store full of fabric, this is what Anny liked the best for her bags.  My fabric spidey sense was definitely going off, and I knew this fabric was going to make beautiful bags.  With great difficulty we narrowed it down to the "Birds and Floral" print.  I also loved the "Floral Savannah" print and decided to make two of each bag and try them out in my shop.

New Swatch Photo for the Kokka Fabrics

Well Anny loved her bags, and I have sold more of these prints than any other fabric so far this year!  I have enjoyed working with it so much that I have added several more choices from Etsuko Furuya and also a few I really liked from Melody Miller.  The base fabrics in this line are top quality, and the colors are crisp and vibrant.  The linen blend makes it a really good choice for wet bags, as it is a very durable fabric and will withstand the multiple washings well.

All in all I am so thankful to Anny for selecting this fabric, as it is beautiful to look at, as well as a pleasure to sew and each bag has turned out simply beautiful.

and here is Anny's new baby Suri in her first cloth Fluff!