Monday, August 6, 2012

The last of the Kombucha Diaries...

Tuesday July 31, 2012

I only lost one bottle, the rest of them sat there minding their own business on the counter.  Tuesday I decided I had waited long enough and I put the in the fridge.  Tuesday night at dinner I popped one open and poured everyone a little juice glass full.  I think it was Me, my DH and a couple of my sons were there for dinner.... Amazingly enough everyone liked it, wanted more and thought it tasted like the stuff they sell on tap at Whole Foods!  My son described it as apple juice that is a little sour with a fizz.
It is surprisingly refreshing though, and way better for you than soda.  It still gives you that bubblyness of soda though, and that is nice.  You don't even notice the good for you part, it just tastes like a fizzy drink that is a little different!

Wednesday August 1, 2012
     I had brewed my second batch with the breakfast blend black tea and I did the third with the same tea.  Can't wait to taste the difference in that one.  The next batch  I will do with some green tea just to compare.
I bottled the second batch in the same way, didn't use any socks but did put it in a pan, good think because I lost one bottle again!  I shared my extra starter with a friend who came over to watch me bottle and start my next batch, so she could try it too.

Sunday August 6, 2012
     Waiting, waiting, waiting for the second batch to be ready for the refrigerator, as the first batch is completely gone!  I will really have to make 3 gallons if everyone wants to drink this stuff!

you can see the fizz in the bottle!
If you are interested in trying Kombucha making for yourself, I suggest this web site: Anahata.  That is where I confirmed the written instructions from my friend, and it has nice and detailed instructions, as well as good information on Kombucha!

Thanks for reading the Kombucha Diaries... I would love to hear your comments

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