Sunday, May 13, 2012

For the Love of Sewing...and other things

Sewing for a living is not something I thought I could ever do.  When I started making a few baby things and then the cloth diapering accessories I sell now, it was kind of a casual, "oh I'll list a few things in my shop and see what happens" kind of a thing.  Then people actually started buying the things I made, and that gave me inspiration to make some more things!

At the first of the year, I decided to try and define my shop and what I was about to see if I could actually make this a business that could help support our family.  You see several things took place to prompt this decision.  My wonderful husband worked at a job he really didn't love for over 20 years; faithfully so that I could stay home with our four boys and raise them up and homeschool them.  A few years ago, his job moved out of state, and we chose not to move with the job, as our family was here and our children were on the brink of grown, and to top it off and seal the decision, we found out we were going to be grandparents.  We chose family over job and have never regretted that decision.  Jobs in his field in our area are hard to come by in good times, and with the economic crises almost non existent.   
He has always been blessed with some kind of work however, and we have muddled through.  Anyway, back to my story.... At the first of the year, he decided that he really would like to go back to school.  I felt that after all those years of working for us, and now that our last baby was almost out of high school and I was almost officially done being a home school mom, he deserved to pursue a carees he would enjoy.  So back to school he has gone, and I have been working to improve my shop and make it the best possible place to find unique, hand made cloth diapering accessories.

I realized one day as I sat down at my sewing machine, at 11:00 at night to hem a pair of shorts for my now graduated youngest son who was leaving the next day on a trip, that I have come to love sitting down at my machine to create something new for someone.  Every time I get a custom order, I feel some of that excitement from the person ordering it; of their anticipation for their new arrival, or their pleasure at looking forward to having a unique and beautiful bag to toss those dirty diapers into.  Crazy isn't it, that having something beautiful even if it is just to toss dirty diapers into, would be such fun, but I think all humans, especially moms, have an inherent appreciation for beauty.  So on I sew, and I am happy that I can do it for the right reasons; for family, and choosing to stay together and strengthen family relationships.   I am very thankful and blessed by all my wonderful customers who allow me to sew for them, and repeatedly come and visit my shop.  I so appreciate all of you.  I am also so thankful for my family and my ever so patient husband who puts up with me taking over the whole house at times to get my projects done!

Here we all are

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