Thursday, May 3, 2012

Got Em Covered for all your wool soaker needs

Before the Great Cloth Diaper Change I started interviewing some of the prize donors.  I didn't get them quite all done, so I am posting my interview with Emilie Papp of Got 'Em Covered after the fact. I have enjoyed working with Emilie on the Etsy Cloth Diaper Team and getting to know her and her beautiful  creations.   I will let Emilie tell you about herself, but I will tell you her crochet wool soakers are some of the cutest I have ever seen.  They are so soft, and so neatly made.  I really like the ones with snaps that you can just snap right on.  So now, please read a little bit about Emilie and check out her shop to see her beautiful wool bum covers.

My name is Emilie Papp. I am a stay at home/work at home mother/wife to 2 fun and active boys and a wonderful husband. I decided to stay home with my first son after returning to school and finishing my college degree while he was a baby. I started my business to help share cloth diapering and my creations with other families.

My craft started as a hobby to make one of a kind, custom fit diaper covers and items for my children and family, I found myself enjoying it so much that I wanted to continue crafting and sharing with others. Although it is a source of income, it is still a hobby for me. I put the same care and attention to every piece in my store as I would a gift for a family member.

My shop name is GotEmCovered. I mostly make and sell cloth diaper covers and based on the idea of my name that whatever your need, whether it is diaper covers, feminine cloth, or any other handmade items that I have it covered.

I am passionate about self/personal expression. I feel that everyone should feel the freedom of self through art, craft, music, personal belief or appearance. I believe everyone has a creative outlet and should feel open to the ability to share it with others.  I like to think I have been creative all of my life and as I learn and grow I have been finding different ways to express it.  I learned the basics of both sewing and crocheting at an early age from my grandmother, who is my inspiration.  I remember as a child I was sure that she could make anything that my heart desired or fix anything that may have broken.  She was a loving, caring, and generous woman to anyone she met.  It was not until I  had my first son (almost 6 years ago) that I really started sewing and crocheting on a regular basis. Since then I have honed my skills and learned many new techniques. I really enjoy creating new sewing and crochet patterns to meet the needs of my family and clients.

I learned a new technique to add designs onto my wool covers and I am really enjoying creating different themes and trying new ideas.
I find that the most challenging thing about running a business is definitely finding balance. Like anyone who is a parent and works I am continuously trying to find balance between work and family. I also find that I need to try to find balance in keeping the creating fun and keeping the whole process enjoyable... the creating part is the part I love and I have to try to keep it that way while 'getting down to business' to actually keep the business going.

Any advice for cloth moms out there?

I love pre-folds, they are inexpensive, wash up great , and are so versatile.  I prefer pul covers for daytime use and wool for nighttime and summertime or when it's hot.  If something is not working, try something else. I am not sure that one type or brand of diaper is better than another, iI just think that different kinds work for different people

Cloth diapering is important to me for so many reasons, but name just a few: it is healthy and comfortable for your baby (any woman who uses disposable feminine pads may be able understand the discomfort a disposable could potentially bring), it is good for the environment, and it is good for the budget - I could not imagine having to pay the large and ongoing expense of disposable diapers especially in the tough time many are facing . I have learned inexpensive ways of cloth diapering and even took the flats hand washing challenge to support the idea of inexpensive cloth diapering. I am more than happy to help anyone get started or just answer questions in a pressure free, non judgmental environment. please feel free to contact me!

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  1. Lovely page, cute items, I'm on baby #5 and only recently discovered the world of cloth diapers! I switched my 16 month old and am planning on cloth from day 1 with our little girl (due any day). I have become passionate about cloth diapering as well and look forward to doing the Flats Challenge if it is still going on next year! I found your page as I am looking for patterns for wool soakers for my little ones, I also share your love of crafts! Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to write this post, I know how busy being a mommy is!