Monday, June 4, 2012

Mama Market

This week end I participated in a wonderful sale  called the Mama Market.  It was sponsored by The Soft Landing, which is an "eco + logical" mom and baby network.  As they say on their web site, "Our Market was inspired by busy moms who are searching for top-notch products made by local, trustworthy business owners.  We hope to create a strong eco+logical community by connecting parents with the finest mompreneurs in Kansas City."

This was such a great opportunity to meet other hard working and super creative moms.  I totally enjoyed getting to know some new people and doing some networking, not to mention visiting with some friends!  

The Soft Landing  will be hosting more Mama Markets around the area.  You can visit their web site to see all the great eco logical things they do, and to  see when and where the next Mama Market will take place.

Before the sale I had been thinking about paper towels and using "un paper towels" I had ordered some organic hemp cotton muslin fabric to make some flats with, and decided to have a go at some un paper towels.  Here are my results.  
I have enjoyed testing these out around the house, and have decided to list them on my Etsy site.  In my next post I will be sharing my research on why paper towels and wipes are not necessarily the best thing to be coming in contact with our skin!

Stay tuned for more eco friendly news!

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