Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer Clothsline

For many years I have wanted a clothesline.  There is something peaceful and relaxing about hanging your clothes out on the line.  In the summer lets be honest it is also muggy, buggy and hot!  Especially the summer we are having in Kansas this year.  Non the less, I wanted a clothes line...

The kind with the pulleys so you can stand there and wheel the clothes down the line and watch them spread out to dry in the hot sun.  The first thing I wanted to test drive on the line was diapers.  I hear so many mamas talk about how the sun will bleach the stains right out of those diapers, and I wanted to see it for myself.
So here they are all hung up on my new clothes line.  I tried to capture the stain spots as best I could, here are a few stain close ups....

And after just a few hours on the line, here are some after shots.  I was surprised that I did see results in just a short amount of time.

As you can see in the first example, the stains aren't completely gone, but they are significantly better. I was amazed at the power of the sun to do my bleaching for me, and so happy that my clean diapers were chemical free and fresh and crisp.  The great thing is anyone can use the sun for bleaching.  I recently re connected with an older friend and I was talking about diapers and my clothes line.  She told a story of when her married kids were living with her for a while and she had three grand babies in diapers.  They would use up what clothes line space then string lines from tree to tree, and hang a diaper on the line, then hang another diaper from that one, and another from that one!  That is a lot of diapers out hanging in the sun.  I have another friend who doesn't have outside space readily available, and suns her diapers in the window which she says works just as well.  Keep enjoying that summer sun, and give it a try putting it to work for you with a clothes line!


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    1. Not sure what you are asking, you can convo me on etsy to talk about it.