Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Traveling Coffee Shop

One of the fun features of the Great Cloth Diaper Change will be Annah's Traveling Coffee Shop.  Plan on arriving early enough to get yourself a Latte or other drink from Annah before the "change"!  Annah's shop will actually be traveling to The Refuge on a regular basis very soon, and be open to the public!  Annah has put her love for coffee and people together to form the Traveling Coffee on to hear from her what she is about, and how she started her business...
My name is Annah Sipp. I'm 22 and I enjoy coffee! I grew up in a family of 10 (2 parents, 8 kids). We were all home schooled. My parents have instilled in us entrepreneurship (I suppose that's one reason why I am in this business now.). The best thing my parents passed down to us is the teaching of Jesus and his ways. Although, it's a life long journey of discovery.  I am nothing without the Lord! I have seen his faithfulness, when I am faithless.  I love to create things, which is something I enjoy with the Traveling Coffee Shop. It's fun coming up with ideas and flavors, to try!
My shop is a coffee catering service, and its like a coffee shop without the building! I can bring my coffee cart to any location (with electric outlets) and serve those special delicious espresso drinks that we love to get at our local coffee shops. I use only freshly roasted coffee beans, and strive to make a coffee drink that will make you smile! Also non-coffee drinks such as: hot tea, chai latte, smoothies, and hot cocoa are provided. 

My coffee experience all started with selling espresso drinks at fundraisers. We did this to raise money for our church youth group, and I loved making them/drinking them. Then, I started thinking, we can do this almost anywhere, how cool would it be to have a coffee shop that could travel to places? It could go to any special event and make it unique! So the journey began...

The struggles I face with this type of business is that it's not a very known thing around these parts, so finding ways to help people understand how this looks is a challenge. Like any new business, it takes faith and risk to invest in it, but I do believe the Lord has opened doors for me to walk through.

I would have to say my favorite drink is a coconut latte! I love coconut and coffee, the combination just fits! Although I am fond of the most recent flavor, the root beer cafe.

If you are interested in having a coffee bar at your next event or get together there are two ways to go about it:
1. The host pays for cost of drinks and labor, and your guest will love ordering free lattes, cappuccinos etc!
2. We can also do an open cash bar, let me know where you want to provide a coffee bar, and We''ll come!
check out to see coffee cart options!

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  1. I wasn't into coffee at all until I met Annah! Mmmmm let's see, coconut latte, pumpkin cappuccino, almond-joy cappuccino, raspberry mocha... MMMMM!