Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wee Can Too Edible Organic Art Supplies

When I first discovered Wee Can Too Art Supplies, I had been wanting to make some finger paint for my Grand Baby.  I didn't really want to make it myself, even though I knew there were recipes out there.  I stumbled upon the Wee Can Too web site and started reading about their products.  Here is their story...

Sarid Ditton founded Wee Can Too in 2007 as her then, only daughter, Savannah, turned 6 months. As an artist, she sought out fingerpaints that would endure the curiousity of an infant. Many companies claimed to be safe and non-toxic, but still contained dyes that make her feel unsettled about “feeding” them to her baby. She started tinkering in the kitchen and finally came up with a product that is completely edible, organic and most of all, safe for babies and toddlers. 

I first tried the crayons with our little  peanut, and of course the first thing she did was taste them.  So I tried them too just to see... they didn't have much taste, but they are nice and chunky and easy for baby hands to color with. They smell great too.  Being all natural I wasn't sure how well the color would show up, but all of the crayons make a nice color and our GB seemed to like playing/coloring with them.

Here is a little more of their story...
After two busy years of marketing and manufacturing Wee Can Too paints on her own, the tired and overwhelmed, now mother of two, connected with a client based out of Kansas. Nichole Groat owned an Organic Children’s Store online, was a fan of Wee Can Too from the start and was also a mother. Sarid and Nichole instantly became friends- both outgoing, lively, passionate, and full of ideas. Nichole loved the idea so much that they decided to partner with Sarid in her passion with the paints. Our motto: Whenever you have a passion in life, go for it… so we did. Wee Can Too is on its way, as our little business, is turning into a big one… in great ways.
We tried the finger paint next.  It comes in a tube in powder form, and you add water and shake shake shake.  I don't think I added enough water, and my paint was too thick, next time we paint, I will add more and thin it a little.  Other than the fact that she didn't really like getting her hands messy, our GB enjoyed playing with the finger paint as well, and of course the first place it went was in her mouth, which is why I LOVE this product, no worries about any harmful dyes or chemicals it's not only all natural but organic as well.   
It is such a pleasure to use a product that you know is made with the safety and health of your baby in mind.  

Wee Can Too is giving away a set of finger paints at our Great Cloth Diaper Change raffle, so if you are a local reader, we look forward to seeing you on Saturday April 21, 2012.

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