Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Camping and Donuts

Camping; in the Midwest our thoughts don't turn to the idea until the leaves start to turn a little orange and yellow.   My family got the bug to take a short camping trip; just a short week end, invite friends, roast marshmallows.  We were having beautiful fall weather... until the week of the planned trip! Then the temperature suddenly dropped to the high 40's low 50's, but they were determined to go, so I reluctantly agreed.  The day of our trip was actually beautiful and sunny. We met our friends at a nearby campground, grilled burgers, roasted marshmallows and generally had a lovely time.  We have had a very dry late summer and early fall, so the big bon fire we envisioned to keep us warm after the sun went down could not happen.  It was ok, we had a tiny fire and huddled around it, betting who would light their shoes on fire first. Two of my sons made an amazing discovery that I will now share...
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Nearby our house is an apple cider mill. Ever since my kids were little, we have been buying their apple cider donuts. (not just in the fall either, we eat them all year!) My lovely DL and oldest son requested cider donuts for the camping trip (another aside, they were smart and went home to their bed for the night, as they live very nearby the camp site). Finally this leads me to my recipe... As the guys were sitting around the campfire waiting to be fed some dinner, they remembered the donuts were in the car. I had also brought a bag of caramels to munch on. They decided to heat up their donuts over the fire, and upon finding the caramels they hit on the idea of roasted caramel cider donuts! Here is the very simple recipe...

*Put a caramel on your roasting stick, heat it up till it starts to get warm and pliable.

*Remove caramel from stick and try not to eat it while you stick your donut on the stick. (you don't have to have a cider donut, but the cake kind probably works best).

*Now fill up the donut hole with the softened caramel.

*Roast the whole thing till warm and slightly browned.

*Devour immediately!

The evening ended blissfully until we went to bed and discovered that this particular campground was infested with skunks!....but that is another story!

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