Monday, October 17, 2011

Meet Winkydinks....Etsy Shop Monday

I had the fun of interviewing Jen from Winkydinks for the Etsy Cloth Diaper Blog, I have reposted my interview here for the first installment of my Etsy Shop Mondays!

Winkydinks has been making fleece and wool covers for sale on Etsy since November 2008.   Using breathable covers is great for baby's skin and also helps regulate diaper temperature. Both fleece and wool work to repel the moisture back into the diaper, and protect the outer clothing. You might notice "compression wicking" if a child is sitting or laying for a long period of time with a full diaper - this is because they are not completely waterproof like PUL; but the benefit is the breath-ability and softness!

Winkydinks goal is to make things for the people who need them. Commitment to online customers keeps her shop busy. "I don't want people to have to wait weeks to get their fluffy mail, so I only offer custom slots when I know I'll have the time to get them done in a week or so. Last year I had to scale back production quite a bit and re-balance my life. I had gotten a little too caught up in Winkydinks and forgotten that I wanted to do it for fun. "

The passion behind Winkydinks is the excitement From knowing that their products are being used by people everywhere (including Malaysia, Australia, and Sweden!). Inspiration comes from browsing the fabric store and searching for great deals on old sweaters at the thrift shop.  Winkydinks never makes the same wool item twice, when you purchase a re-purposed wool soaker or longie, you are getting a one of a kind creation. Lately, Winkydinks does some custom orders with appliques. "They take more time and effort, but I get a lot of satisfaction knowing that someone is getting exactly what they want, and I like the challenge of doing something new every once in awhile." Click here to see some photos of new designs.

If you are interested in trying wool or fleece for it's breath-ability and softness on your babies skin, take a look at the options in Winkydinks Etsy shop.

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