Monday, October 24, 2011

Meet Sunshine and Ravioli.......Etsy Shop Monday

SUNSHINE AND RAVIOLI is an Etsy shop featuring fun and whimsical paper goods for any special occasion you might have, or just to pamper yourself with something beautiful.  The shop is run by Stephanie and as she says her name comes from, "my favorite line from Louis Prima's version of "Pennies from Heaven". It's a fun, optimistic song and that's what I hope to offer you- fun, whimsical pieces of paper sunshine (but you'll have to get your own ravioli- sorry!)."

I recently ordered these book plates from her shop. They arrived in a sweet little glasine envelope and I love them because they have character and just the right touch of vintage feel to them.  I look forward to using them on my most special books.

You can find Sunshine and Ravioli at
Stephanie is a self-taught folk artist, who says she doesn't remember a time when she didn't like to draw, color, paint, or just make things. Most all of her paper goods are made from high quality inks on acid free paper.
Creating her beautiful paper products from home allows her to be there when her kids get home from school.

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