Monday, November 14, 2011

Red9 Studios

Reposted from last week, due to operator error! Today, I am not introducing you to an Etsy shop, instead I am introducing you to another blogger, and amazing artist.  He recently had a gallery showing in Roeland Park, he currently has several of his custom designed action figures on display at Elite Comics in Overland Park, he is also a very talented musician, and I have the privilege of being his Mom!

One of my favorites.
Patrick Quinn operates RED9 Studios, which is a sculpting and casting studio that specializes in creating and designing customized figures and designer toys.  As I also mentioned he paints and makes music as well.  The thing that I think is really neat about this is that all these things tie together to make a complete body of work.  I didn't really clue into this until after he showed me several of his action figures one day, and not long after that he played a show at our youth center coffee house.  As I was listening to one of his songs, I realized he was singing about the space man that he had just showed me the other day.  His paintings all have a similar theme and feel as well.  You can see several more of his paintings here.  Patrick's muisc from his band Top Kuss can be found here.  I hope you enjoy checking out his blog, artwork and songs.  

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Major Tom Space Man Figure in progress
Wasteland Wanderer

Space Man Painting!

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